Sorting and searching
(NGfL Cymru) Really good set of animated resources to demonstrate sorting, searching, graphs, databases

Investigating using a database
(NGfL Cymru) Animated resources for Investigating a "whodunnit?" case using a database

Top Trumps

Buy a few packs of Top Trumps, enter the data from one of the packs into a database table. Give cards to students and have students play them in groups.
Demonstrate searching by asking for the highest value under a certain criteria from each set of cards (e.g. what's the fastest car 0-60 in the Super Cars set).
Demonstrate sorting by asking students to throw the cards on the floor or desk and then physically sort them into order based on one of the criteria.
Show students the database table, describe how the cards are in fact records in a table and then show speed at which searching and sorting can be done

Getting Database Design Right

Have students read this article then ask for points that can be gained from it

Database Terminology WordSearch

Have students compete to see who can complete this wordsearch first: