List - o - mania: what you did online last weekend

List as many different things you did online last weekend (e.g. posted a photo on Facebook)

List - o - mania: what 'naughty' things you have done online in the last couple of weeks

List as many activities you have done online in the last couple of weeks (such as posted a rude message to someone)

Commoncraft - Protecting Reputations Online

Show video on commoncraft website or same video on youtube

My Digital footprint
Students have to: "write down or draw pictures to represent all of the websites that you have visited in the last 24hours. If you have created any content online like posting photos write that down too!"
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Edmodo - Online behaviour

Set up a group on and have your students sign up to the group then just give them a few minutes to "play" with it. Watch what they do and how they interact. This can prompt many different discussions such as:
  • Changing a profile picture (real image or avatar? Yet, significance given this is a closed or 'protected' network)
  • Absence of DMs
  • Text language and emoticons
  • Replying to threads
  • Netiquette in general

Choosing a Safe Password

Show the following animated video