Vector & Bitmaps: odd one out

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Which of these is the odd one out? (clue - there may be more than one) Answer: image 4 as it is a bitmap

A Colour Scheme from an Image

Choose an image that you really like because of the colours e.g. a close up of a flower. Display this on screen then upload the picture into This creates a colour scheme from your image and can be used in anything you are designing

Edited Images
Examples of famous photos that have been 'Photoshopped' to change them.
This can be displayed and shown to students to demonstrate the power of graphics software to change a picture

The Power of Images
Inspirational photos from news stories around the world regularly updated.
This can be displayed and returned to on a regular basis to display how images can tell a story and are an important feature of any news item (online and newspaper)

Inspirational Logo Designs
Show either or both of these sites to show the creativity behind high quality logo design

Symbology & Psychology of a Logo

Display the Nike logo and ask students what they think it signifies, why it was chosen to represent the company, why it has been so successful as a logo. This site will will be good prompts for discussion

Cheeky Images

Signs used in Bergen airport Worth showing to highlight how a light-hearted approach to design can sometimes be effective even in a very 'professional' place

Photoshop tutorials

A range of tutorials to teach some basic and advanced skills in Photoshop. These are available as a PDF.