Spelling by cell references

A Cell Reference Starter spelling ICT across a block of cells. This introduces students to Cell Referencing. [INDEPENDENT LEARNING]
(courtesy of @anne3846)

Rows, columns and cell referencing

(NGFL Cymru) Great animation to introduce rows, columns and cell referencing


(NGFL Cymru) Further animation to show functions

Creating drop down lists

(NGFL Cymru) This animation give very good example of how to create and use drop down lists (validation)

Sorting and Graphs

(NGfL Cymru) Animated resources to demonstrate sorting, and graphs

Design Factors in Spreadsheets

Provide students with access to this website http://designshack.co.uk/articles/graphics/how-to-make-your-spreadsheets-less-lame to show them how certain design techniques can enhance how spreadsheets look and how they represent data

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Play this PowerPoint version with the whole class on Spreadsheets

Spreadsheet Bingo

Key terminology