Commoncraft - Web Search Strategies

Show video on commoncraft website or same video on youtube

Trusting a Source (fact or opinion)

Provide various websites on an event or product some factual and some opinion based. Have students use to highlight parts of the web pages that show fact or opinion. This can then be fed back in a variety of ways and prompt discussion
[Can be used well in group or pair work]

Trusting a Source (bias)

Show students a website with biased or unbiased view on a product or an event. Use to have students contribute to why they think the source should be trusted or not and why

Are We Addicted to the Internet?

Show students this infographic and relate to the significance of the Interent in peoples' lives. Can prompt discussion in many ways

History of the Internet

Show students this infographic and point out how use of the Internet has possibly changed relative to points given here (e.g. 1995 saw birth of ebay - Massive factor in growth of e-commerce)

Is It All About Google?

Have students try alternative visual search engines and then prompt discussions as to when use of such search engines are more appropriate/useful

Searching and selecting bingo cards

Key terminology of searching on the Internet in a starter activity of