The following are materials I have found useful as starters but do not warrant a page of their own as yet:

Using Time Well in Coursework

Show and talk about the ease with which time can ebb away. Look to segment and 'chunk' up work into manageable parts with mini-deadlines rather than just work towards the final deadline

Hands and Heart Starter

Here's a simple yet fun starter namely hands and heart that can have a variety of uses, and not just for ICT! Students could work in pairs, given a hand and heart each, or a group of five students could work on a hand. This resource has been produced in a PowerPoint, and has been successfully used both electronically and in printed form with year 7 and year 8 students. It is certainly something they remember!

Implementation & Testing - ITV & Toyota

Upload both of these links on to or other similar site and have students post stickies on how they think they relate to implementation and testing

Evaluation - What's Wrong With This Poster?

Show the original billboard posters on this website and explain what they are then ask students to provide an evaluation of them. They should be focusing on the negatives and looking for points to improve. Then provide the points that the author of the post came up with and the redesigned version on the website. This exercise demonstrates the purpose of evaluation in terms of picking out areas for improvement that can be acted on

Digital Literacy
Interactive quizzes for kick-starting Digital Literacy work to be used by students

Copyright - What do you Know Already?

Have students answer some or all of the questions here

Cloud Computing gives a very succinct graphical explanation of this topic. Can be a good intro if you are about to use Googledocs or any other Web 2.0 technology

Animator vs Animation

Demonstration of power of Flash
(courtesy of @dwsm)

Periodic Table of Fonts

Provide students with access to this and then give them scenarios such as writing a letter for an interview, designing a poster for an Emo band. Ask them to say which fonts in their opinion would/would not be appropriate and why.

360 Degree Photos

Either demonstrate to whole class or give students access to look at the photos on Can be very motivating in terms of getting students to think of ways of representing images, of prompting discussions on how technology is changing our perception of the world, travel, etc

How Fast Should Communication Be?

Set up a or (You may need to create 2 different ones as limit of 16 people at a time on a pad).Then give students the chance to 'play' on the pads and get the reactions. Stop the playing then ask students for their reactions and talk about the same concept on mobile phone texts where texts could be seen as you write them and changed by others

Digital Devices Bingo Game

Useful for Edexcel GCSE Unit 1 revision/starter/plenary